It Is OK To Use Homework Assignment Images As a Link For Online Search

It Is OK To Use Homework Assignment Images As a Link For Online Search

A good number of online sources provide homework assignment images that students can use to boost their academic performance. It would be best if you were sure with the type of images you’d use when you assign homework to your students. Remember, many other websites host these sorts of copies, making them easier to target for plagiarism. As such, it would be best if you verified if the images are original before uploading them to your online portfolio.

At times, the instructor might want to use an homework assignment image to mark the success of a particular curriculum review. Now, is that a bad thing or something to celebrate? Let’s find that out more by reading through this post!

What Are Homework Assignment Images?

Students would use image referencing when they are given homework to complete. It helps to show more information about an assigned task and link it to a relevant source. Often, assignments come with subheadings or information that needs more research to provide. Such instances usually include homework assignments images.

A homework assignment image should be well-organized. The best way to do so is by using images. An image should provide an overview of what is to be covered in the essay/coursework. It would be best if you can make use of such copies to link relevant skills and facts to your paperwork. Remember, you don’t want to use a copy that you copied from another source without getting the proper copyright info.

Many online sources offer homework assignment images that students can use as a link for their website or blogs. Doing so will boost the traffic of your blog and website by providing people with things to read. Besides, it will give them an idea about what to expect in your homework assignments, making them more interactive and engaging.

Today, people rely on online sources for homework assignment images because of various reasons. For example, you might want to highlight relevant facts and skills in your assignments. If you can secure original copies to use as a link for your website or blog, then you are boosting your chances of submitting excellent reports for such assignments. In that case, you would have proof that you are the best candidate for your coursework.

It would also be best if you are keen on the type of image you’ll use to link your writing. Some of the sources allow you to edit the final copy for plagiarism reasons. In such a situation, you’ll need a copy with proper copyright information. As such, you must be sure of what you are doing. The right structure of homework assignment images will enable you to stay within the guidelines. Besides, you can edit all the images and submit a plagiarism report to show the supervisors that your coursework is original.

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Write Introduction – for a dissertation and master’s thesis
Bachelor thesis
Top articles

Help with your thesis?

plagiarism verme plagiarism check

Correct formal design

Write Sept. 14 Introduction – for a dissertation and master’s thesis



The introduction of a scientific thesis is an essential part of the text part – just like main section and conclusions or Conclusion . Each thesis or Master’s thesis must have an introduction to the readers to the selected theme or master thesis introduce. Did the reader get a first impression of already having the title of the thesis, which is discussed in the relevant work, an introduction acts as preparation for the reader on the subject.

Since the first impression a text leaves with his readers, even with bachelor theses or master work is important, you should give special effort you when writing the introduction. Regardless of whether the body is very well written or not – because the first impression is negative, can be reflected on all the work. For this reason, you should get a larger unit of time in your planning allow for writing the introduction enough. Below, we explain how you manage to bring the objective of a scientific paper briefly and concisely, so as to arouse the interest of readers.

The function of an introduction to the dissertation and master’s thesis

The actual text part of a dissertation or master’s thesis from the previous texts (eg. As Abstract , preface or Thanksgiving ) and the directories (eg. B. table of contents , Figures , tables ) separately. Thus, the introduction marks the beginning of the main text, and represents the first contact between you as a writer and your readers ago (see Esselborn-Krumbiegel 2002:. 132). As you get to know a foreign people the first impression is formative. Thus, the introduction is usually largely responsible for how the subsequent text will be added.

For the reader, it represents a kind of figurehead. On the one hand it serves the reader as red thread to get an overview of what is in the present dissertation or Master’s thesis is discussed. On the basis of this guide the orientation (Stickel Wolf & Wolf see 2013th: 200) drops the reader easily, making the readability of the text is increased. Because the question is spread here, says the addition of what to expect.


discharges of other publications also serve you to assist in the literature that you perform in the course of research work, not always having to read the entire book to know about the content notification. already turns out based on the introduction that the publication in question has no relevance to your topic content that you can put aside them in most cases. In this way you save a lot of time researching and sifting the literature for your thesis.

The length of one Introduction

Due to its function as a brief overview of the work that finally has an introduction to a small number of pages. Essentially, it is then comparable in length with trailer. The length of the introduction varies accordingly on the one hand dependent on the type of scientific work. While it is still very short chores of ten to 20 pages, it takes contrast with Bachelor’s and Master’s work at up to 80 pages more space. On the other hand, can be found in the technical literature also scientific techniques partially different information about the length of an introduction.

In these lengths, the function of introduction reflects: it should serve as a short, concise introduction to the topic. Make sure that you do not anticipate taking essential statements of the main part in this context!

The components of an introduction to the thesis or master thesis

Basically, the introduction of a Bachelor thesis or Master’s thesis for the following three aspects: (a) relevance, (b) research question and (c) Procedure (see Karmazin & Ribing 2014. 29). Thus it should be answered in the introduction, which is why the theme chosen is important as the research question is to be answered in the course of the main body, and which approach is chosen accordingly to finally answer the question.

A more detailed list of the usual ingredients in chronological order, you can find also in the following:

Other components of the Introduction

  • or delineation : It is therefore useful to summarize the topic of a dissertation or thesis more closely in order to avoid a superficial treatment of a too extensive topic. What areas then excluded or be included as will be explained during the introduction and v. a. well founded (. see Rossig & Prätsch 2005: 71)
  • . and accruals : If terms but must be clarified that are relevant for the entire work, these accordingly clarified in the introduction (. See Rossig & Prätsch 2005: 71) are.
  • work . Finally, the structure of the present work is in some sets forth in order to provide readers a good orientation also

At what point should write the introduction?

Even if you Master’s thesis begins to read in initiating a thesis or readers in general, does not mean that you have to start also eventually to write as the author of a work from the beginning. However, scientific writing style is also marked by the question in the literature, at which point you will now start writing. however, almost unanimously of the opinion not to start with the introduction. So also (2013 cf. Theisen: 152; Bänsch & Alewell 2013:. 79 and Stickel Wolf & Wolf 2013: 201) give many authors recommended that the introduction to submit (ie, body and conclusion) only after all parts of the text.

Samach, Prenner and Schwetz also be firmly stand it verme Outline the hint, and must not only be formulated in writing the introduction, to ensure that during the writing of the goal in mind does not lose.

Korn Meier again considers that, accordingly, does not have to wait until the end with writing the introduction, for he is of the opinion that one should know as a writer even before writing the main part of all contents of the work (see. 2013 : 109)


Additional information and tips

You will also find other aspects to the dissertation writing Write and Master’s thesis in our very extensive academic Knowledgebase for undergraduate and graduate students. We also illuminate more articles intensely important and interesting topics, such as Scientific Work and Scientific writing . Each article will contain valuable tips and instructions.

Anderman, Ulrich; Drees, Martin & Goetz, Frank (2006) : How to write scientific papers 3rd ed Mannheim:. Dudenverlag


Bänsch, Axel & Alewell, Dorothea (2013) : Scientific work 11th ed Munich.. Oldenbourg Verlag


Esselborn-Krumbiegel, Helga (2002) : From idea to text – A guide to scientific writing Paderborn. Ferdinand Schöningh


Gruber, Helmut; Huemer, Birgit & Rheindorf, Markus (2009) : Scientific Work – A Practical Guide for Students Vienna: Böhlau Verlag


Karmazin, Matthias & Ribing, Rainer (2014) : The design of scientific works 8th ed Vienna:.. Facultas


Korn Meier, Martin (2013) : Scientific writing made easy – for Bachelor, Master and PhD 6th ed Bern:.. Main


Oertner, Monika; St. John, Illona & Thelen, Gabriele (2014) : Scientific Writing – A Playbook for Schreibtrainer and students Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink


Rossig, Wolfram E. & Prätsch, Joachim (2005) : work 5th ed Weyhe:… PRINT-TEC

Samac, Klaus; Prenner, Monika & Schwetz, Herbert (2009) : The Bachelor thesis at the university and college Vienna:.. Facultas

Stickel Wolf, Christine & Wolf, Joachim (2013) : Scientific Work and learning techniques – studying Successful – known as 7th edition Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler!..

Theisen, Manuel René (2013) : Scientific work – Successful in bachelor’s and master’s thesis Munich: Franz Vahlen


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Guide to writing professional (bachelor, master, and dissertation) theses

The scientific work, ie the correctly written scientific work, demonstrates the author’s ability to find, analyze and solve a specific problem of the studied phenomenon in a defined topic. If we deal with the aim of the bachelor’s thesis, they are mainly focused on practice (namely on the technical fields: eg economics), on the contrary the diploma works are mostly characterized by more detailed theoretical and practical parts of their processing.

The aim of all types of scientific work is to prove how the author (student) is able to handle knowledge and knowledge gained during his studies (bachelor’s or master’s degree), how he handles the processing of professional sources of data and information, including theoretical phenomena. Furthermore, how is able to solve the issue and propose appropriate recommendations and solutions, and also its ability to express, and specifically in their own professional speech. It is very important that the writer is very well versed in the topic under review, he / she knows the technical terminology and, above all, understands the studied phenomenon. An important acquired ability will therefore be oral expression and feedback on questions asked by members of the expert committee.

What is a Bachelor Thesis?

Processing, submission and successful defense of the bachelor thesis before the subject committee are the basic conditions for obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Writing a bachelor’s thesis of adequate quality therefore requires not only professional knowledge but also considerable effort, time and best experience with writing final theses.

What should the bachelor thesis look like?

The scope of the thesis is between 30 and 60 pages depending on the university, faculty or department. The content of the work, its results and conclusions must show a solid overview of the author about the area of research. Unlike the diploma thesis, there is no full independent research or new outputs.

Structure of bachelor’s and master’s thesis

The bachelor’s and master’s thesis is an expert study with a logically structured structure.

After the introductory chapter, in which the objectives, focus and hypotheses of the work are clearly defined, the theoretical background, the description of the chosen methodology or the introduction to the wider context of the examined issue should follow.

The main article usually follows its own empirical research and analysis of bachelor thesis data. Only then comes the synthesis, the evaluation of the research, the confirmation or rejection of the hypothesis, etc. The content and results of the work are summarized in the conclusion and in the English and foreign language summaries, which are especially important – these are often the only chapters to be read and reviewed during your defense! Resume and ask for a professional translator.

What is an essential part of any bachelor’s or master’s thesis?

In addition to the aforementioned chapters, the title page, affidavit, content, abstract and annexes are required for the final theses. Your evaluation and work as such will benefit from a register or a list of abbreviations, do not forget to thank the supervisor, possibly the translator and others.


In the diploma and bachelor thesis, the basic curriculum is a must. Determine your exact goals, schedule your schedule to process and submit individual chapters. Start with an introduction, then focus on your own research, describing the progress and results in the analytical section.

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Structure of scientific works

Thus, the structure of scientific work is subject to binding framework curricula of specific institutions that are governed by their internal guidelines. The student is obliged to follow these instructions and thus fulfill his scientific work with his own text. As a rule, the thesis consists of individual chapters, which can be extended by other sub-chapters of lower levels. It is recommended to use at most three levels.

Applies to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses.

How to compose a professional text? Composition, structure of scientific scientific work text

Professional scientific works (bachelor / master / MBA / dissertation etc.) usually form a predetermined assignment, which is divided into logical follow-up points, therefore these works are structured into individual passages, respectively. chapters. The essential condition for defending each such professional work is to fulfill all the points of the assignment. The nature and form of the topic to be processed or the issues under consideration further determine the content structure. Generally, such work consists of three basic parts: introductory, main and final, which can then be subdivided into other sub-sections. In the case of the end of the professional work, the enclosed annexes are duly numbered. The main part usually contains the theoretical part divided into different number of chapters with the total share of the total work is different from the type of professional work. At the beginning of the work it is important to define the so-called starting points of the work, which may include goals, opinions and assumptions of the scope of the specified problem, it is appropriate to define the current state of the monitored phenomenon, to briefly specify the progress solution and to indicate the possible use of the expected results of the professional work.

Assignment of bachelor, diploma or other scientific work 

The fields of the assignment are written by the academic staff, but the assignment itself is a joint result of the discussion and possible submitted proposals of the solution of the student and the supervisor (or the thesis supervisor). The student then usually collects the assignment at the study departments of the given institutions and puts a duplicate copy in his / her professional works (currently available at some institutions also in electronic processing). It is necessary for the writer to ensure that the student completes the assignment and ensures all relevant signatures. Furthermore, it is necessary to guarantee the accuracy of the title or topic, both in the assignment and in the school information system and in the professional work. All these three entries must be identical. The assignment as such contains objective objectives for all parts of the thesis, ie for the theoretical and practical part of the thesis. Furthermore, it contains a list of recommended professional literature, in the narrower sense, which the “writer / student” himself has to extend his own studied literature of the given topic. It is advisable to study all the recommended titles thoroughly, as they are closely related to the topic and their misunderstanding in the sources used could give a bad impression on the supervisor. For all citations in the text, pictures and technical aids in the text, it is necessary to follow the specified citation standards and the current valid wording of the relevant ISO citation standards.

Bachelor thesis

As we have already mentioned, the bachelor thesis is devoted more to practical applications of acquired theoretical knowledge, it is also more important that the “writer” independently solves the problem. In these works, these are partial problems, not entirely complex, because of the scope of work. Here it is assumed that the student is able to correctly define the descriptive problem, ie to describe, evaluate (and analyze) and then propose appropriate solutions and recommendations. All these above-mentioned requirements therefore require the issue to be theoretically defined. Scale academics recommend a 1: 2 proportion of the work, of which the theoretical part should be just a smaller part of its scope. However, it depends very much on the specific topic and the nature of the work (eg, overviews of the theories under review do not require practical solutions to the issue).


The diploma thesis already presents more complex shots, their aim is to provide deeper and more comprehensive overview of not only theoretical knowledge, but also more beneficial solution of problems with correct selection and using appropriate methodology. Similar MBA students also have a similar application character for use in the field of science. All forms of scientific work are regulated by internal guidelines of individual institutions. So let’s look at the general structure of scientific work.

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