How to choose a topic for thesis?

Choosing a topic and following writing procedures

As has been outlined in advance, the right choice and choice of the topic of the professional work will lead the “writer / student” to systematically collect data and information, theoretical knowledge and facts from diverse national and international sources, which he will have to analyze, assess and create from his own opinion . The diploma or bachelor thesis and its topic is therefore a summary of the writer’s knowledge and knowledge acquired by acquiring, when in the final summary “writer / student” stylizes the conclusions that either the research results confirm or disprove predetermined hypotheses. We will deal with the hypothesis later.

If the “writer / student” has already chosen a suitable topic, he / she has a predetermined success in advance.

However, let’s not forget that sometimes too wide a topic will require much more knowledge about the historical development of the issue or the current phenomenon, which may sometimes be over the “writer / student” of the force. Conversely, a very narrow topic will limit the “writer / student” to a wide range of arguments and put it in very limited statements. In any case, it is necessary to conduct an expert review of literature and publications, on the basis of which “writer / student” makes an opinion or judgment on the topic under consideration, and how it is possible to enrich the topic of interest by its own approach.

Choice of topic and characteristics of introduction in bachelor’s or master’s thesis

We recommend that the student “writer” consider the choice of the topic of bachelor work very well, as the choice of topic must correspond not only to the field of study he / she wants to address in the future, but also to his / her knowledge gained during his / her studies. It is very desirable to art the topic into practical use, although it is possible to write on a more theoretical basis with practical application, or to follow up on concrete research already carried out in practice. Given that the chosen topics set limits on the writing of professional papers, we recommend that the student “writer” thus chooses topics in which he or she knows well and understands theory, and in the future can implement it in a practical way.

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How to work to be scientific? Certain forms of scientific work

The student can choose a certain type of how to process scientific work. It is possible to choose one or a combination of the following forms of scientific work:

Expert study

It presents thoroughly collected information and processes the topic under review with substantial literature (conditionally includes foreign language works, at least 2), it also contains the historical development of the monitored phenomenon up to the present state, discussion of various opinions in confrontation with professional literature, or even a vision for the future.


The process is focused on meeting a predetermined target within a predetermined time frame with a precisely defined cost budget and project outputs. The project is specified by the individual requirements of the client and by the solution of the solver who defines the individual parameters of its solution by means of specified activities, possible risks and limitations.


After the “writer / student” chose the current topic, to which he collects the latest and recent news, he also looked at issues from other countries in the world. After studying the literature on the problem, he can argue for and against and express his views on the issues under consideration, eventually defending his own views.

Case Study:

The condition is proper documentation of the case in conjunction with the theoretical study of the problem.

Empirical Research:

It is based on the processing of secondary or primary data, using quantitative or qualitative approaches. It presents analytical results using appropriate methodology. The processed results require a correct and concise interpretation based on suitable suggestions for solutions and recommendations to address the issue.

It is particularly suitable for bachelor’s, master’s, graduate and essay studies as well as MBA work.

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